Learning With Passion

What do your children really want to do?

Help them follow their passions by helping them find the connections they need. Following their passions will enable them to learn in a very efficient way. Information is retained easily when a strong interest is there.

Share Your Passions!

Help inspire others to follow their passions by sharing your passions on our Passions Shared page. Check out what other people have shared.

What are your passions?

By following your own passions, your children become witnesses to the happiness you find. By your being a role model, they may learn how to follow their own passions and continue into a passionate adulthood.

Learning Connections are Important

As children age and mature, learning becomes more driven and based on connections that they find. These learning connections can come from just about anywhere. They can come from people, places, the internet, books, and experiences.

Following passions as our homeschooling philosophy encourages natural learning, even in unexpected moments.

Latest Blog

Over a month ago we had a trailer moved to our pit spot at the race track. Inside the front of the trailer was a nest of baby birds (starlings). The parents were back where the trailer used to be. I knew who to call. There is a lady who rehabilitates birds who lives near us. She […]

Austyn has always loved science. He loves all subjects relating to science. He has been through stages of obsession throughout his life. He was obsessed with insects, then birds, then rocks, and now he has been learning more about chemistry and physics. He finds many of his science experiments online. YouTube is his favourite place […]

It’s so strange how spring arrives and with it comes many birthdays. Zoe’s friends are big on birthday parties. We decided that since she had such a hard time deciding what she wanted to do, we wouldn’t hold a party for her. It became too last minute. One Birthday party was at a large, locally […]

I’m behind with my posts here again. What have I been doing in my spare time? Planning, reading, researching, drawing, and activities with the kids. I find at night I’m so tired that I can’t stay up and blog. While in Virginia Beach we decided to go to the Aquarium. We had a great time […]

Since we were away f0r a gymnastics competition, we decided to make it a family vacation. Virginia Beach was an interesting destination. The area near the ocean is easy to navigate. Weekends mean more traffic, we found, especially along the water. There are many statues and interesting buildings. There is an army base nearby so […]

When I last posted I was packing for a trip away for Zoe to have her first competition. I will share more about that in the next post. Even when I’m busy the kids tend to find things that keep them busy. Sometimes they have trouble keeping themselves busy, but this time they did okay. […]

We have kept busy. Most of the time we haven’t been home, but this past week the kids decided to stay home a little more. We still spend a great deal of time out at sports, events, and the learning centre that we love so much.    We use the resources at the learning centre, […]

The big question that I have asked myself lately is, “We aren’t required to stay home, are we?” We have never really been big on staying home to begin with. We go out often and have for years. One thing that is great about homeschooling is that there is flexibility. If something isn’t working out, […]